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Ildiko Ferenczi Playboy African Union August 2017

Ildiko Ferenczi Playboy African Union August 2017. California living, European Rooted, Canadian born actress and business woman Ildiko Ferenczi was discovered by a casting director on Robson street, a busy shopping street in Vancouver B.C.

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It was clear Ildiko had a passion for the arts and preforming from a fairly young age. Ildiko began dance with the Hungarian csárdás tánc csoport at the age of 3. After her first performance, Ildiko was well known for her petite frame and big personality which awarded her the nickname “SpicyLilPepper”! Ildiko went on to win several awards with her dance troop.

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As digital media took over the world. Ildiko’s Canadian agent advised her to begin social media to help connect Ildiko with her fans. After discovering various companies and identity thieves had locked down her birth name on several platforms. Ildiko decided to use her childhood nickname @SpicyLilPepper across all of her social media platforms.

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Ildiko quickly became a hit on social media, and soon became one of the worlds most popular broadcasters on the ever popular Periscope for Twitters broadcasting. Hundreds of thousands of people were tuning into Ildiko’s TV channel daily to follow her journey as an actress, model, fitness fanatic, business woman, and now as one of Canadas and America’s hottest moms!

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Ildiko’s early Film and TV success include Smallville, Lost Boys II, Reefer Madness, Blood Ties, Pain Killer Jane, Flash Gordon, Masters of Horror, and The Long Weekend, and Two for The Money, where Ildiko locks lips on film for her first time ever with Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

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Ildiko’s film career opened the doors to modeling. Magazines such as FHM, FGM, Maxim, Playboy, SMN, Mansphere, Vanquish, and many more line up frequently to discuss her take on life, fashion, digital media, acting, fitness, motherhood, and Ildiko’s rarely discussed geek fact; Ildiko is the first woman in Canada to found an Architectural concrete company.

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Ildiko hosts several high profile events with Maxim, Karma Foundation and many others. The always busy Ildiko Ferenczi didn’t slow down, even while pregnant, in fact her pregnancy bikini selfies went viral. She also hosted both the Maxim Halloween, as well as the official Maxim red carpet interviews at the 2016 Super Bowl “8 months” pregnant looking fit and as hot as ever, (without being found out)! Ildiko finally came clean and announced the big pregnancy news at the New York Periscope summit before her fans. After the birth of her son at just 2 1/2 months postpartum Ildiko was invited to host and shoot LIVE at the Maxim Hot 100 in Los Angeles!

With Ildiko’s life on display through social media, reality TV shows came knocking. Even though she refused reality TV at first, Ildiko had a change of heart starting when Bret Michaels invited Ildiko and Dan Caldwell to re-vamp the original TapouT tour bus on Travel channels hit TV show, “Rock my RV.” Soon after Ildiko was invited to sashay the decks as one of the hottest guests of “Below Deck”. Her glamorous appearance helped the show reach one of the most popular episodes of Bravo TV’s “Below Deck”, and then yet again Ildiko was invited for yet another episode of “Below deck” Mediterranean. Ildiko is presently in talks with another TV show, but this time as a main cast.

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Ildiko is excited about launching her new business Billionaires Collectibles with the DanCaldwell the founder of the iconic brand TapouT. This fascinating new journey boasts various autographed items that once belonged to legendary entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders. Their legacy is beautifully designed into treasures that inspire those whom are lucky enough to surround it.

Presently residing in Malibu California Ildiko continues to inspire her supporters through her journey!